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Sundae Sunday

Hello people.

well im not very sure if anyone on earth would be reading my blog.
i mean, why would they ? :3 Gahahahah

So, persyaitan kan sahaja that thought. Kalau ada yg baca, ok, Haii uolss. K. Ayat bajet retis

So, today is a Lazyyyy Sundayyyy . With a broken heart, life still need to go on.
My heart was broken into pieces u know.
Its a very long long story.
Ill write it up later.
Stay tune for that.

So, today is Sunday and theres a lot of new students registering at my place today, UniKL MIAT, for the upcoming new semester..
One of them is Syafiq, is my new roomate.
Hello Syafiq! :D
He is from Penang, 18. And his Dad cakap, Kamu tolong tgok tgokkan anak pakcik ni. Dia ni bangun lambat selalu.
Hihi, baik pakcik. tapi saya pun selalu bangun lambat. HAHAHAHAs
Well hello mate. Kita bakal bersama for this next 6 months!

Pagi ini juga menjadi lebih suram dek kerana Ehsan Mint - cafe at my place, carik pasal sama gua yg dah nak tercekik.
Here's the thing. I buy nasik lemak, and masa bayar tu, order sekali teh'o ais. Okay lah.
Dahla mahal. Macam biasa lah mahal kan. Nasik Lemak sahaja - RM1.80 + Telur rebus RM 1.00 , and that would be RM 2.80 right? K.
Then, after finish paying up the large amount, i went-lah to the drink counter, nak order air. can u believe it that i wait for about 5 minutes and theres no one there to make the drinks? i was like, Shit? Do i pay for this kind of service?
I got fed up, and I decided to eat first smpai nak tercekik. Then masa tu baru nak mengamuk, pegi kt blakang tu tanya, Bang, mana orang nak buat air ni? Nak tercekik dah ni...
Then he repli-ed me, haa ok ok. air apa? then he asked another girl untuk buatkan air, patu that girl pulak kata dia xreti buat air and, theres go the drama. Mula gaduh sapa nak buat air. i was like, Fuck, do i really pay for this drama?
Then i was, Saya nak tercekik dah ni! Then ada sorang brader lg sorang jerit, ko pegi je lah buat air tu, dia mntak air tuhh.
Then baru brader tu pegi buat.
Can u imagine that?
I need to live with that kind of service at Ehsan Mint Cafe for the next 6 months! Shit.

So thats all for today. And this really getting on my nerves,
I thought i already post this post hours ago, but then when i opened my blog via tab, this post didnt showed up. i dont know why.
Okay just ignore that.

Ill be back for more.
Stay tune.
*grammar mistake? my #ARGHmoment !
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