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Sundae Sunday

Hello people.

well im not very sure if anyone on earth would be reading my blog.
i mean, why would they ? :3 Gahahahah

So, persyaitan kan sahaja that thought. Kalau ada yg baca, ok, Haii uolss. K. Ayat bajet retis

So, today is a Lazyyyy Sundayyyy . With a broken heart, life still need to go on.
My heart was broken into pieces u know.
Its a very long long story.
Ill write it up later.
Stay tune for that.

So, today is Sunday and theres a lot of new students registering at my place today, UniKL MIAT, for the upcoming new semester..
One of them is Syafiq, is my new roomate.
Hello Syafiq! :D
He is from Penang, 18. And his Dad cakap, Kamu tolong tgok tgokkan anak pakcik ni. Dia ni bangun lambat selalu.
Hihi, baik pakcik. tapi saya pun selalu bangun lambat. HAHAHAHAs
Well hello mate. Kita bakal bersama for this next 6 months!

Pagi ini juga menjadi lebih suram dek kerana Ehsan Mint - cafe at my place, carik pasal sama gua yg dah nak tercekik.
Here's the thing. I buy nasik lemak, and masa bayar tu, order sekali teh'o ais. Okay lah.
Dahla mahal. Macam biasa lah mahal kan. Nasik Lemak sahaja - RM1.80 + Telur rebus RM 1.00 , and that would be RM 2.80 right? K.
Then, after finish paying up the large amount, i went-lah to the drink counter, nak order air. can u believe it that i wait for about 5 minutes and theres no one there to make the drinks? i was like, Shit? Do i pay for this kind of service?
I got fed up, and I decided to eat first smpai nak tercekik. Then masa tu baru nak mengamuk, pegi kt blakang tu tanya, Bang, mana orang nak buat air ni? Nak tercekik dah ni...
Then he repli-ed me, haa ok ok. air apa? then he asked another girl untuk buatkan air, patu that girl pulak kata dia xreti buat air and, theres go the drama. Mula gaduh sapa nak buat air. i was like, Fuck, do i really pay for this drama?
Then i was, Saya nak tercekik dah ni! Then ada sorang brader lg sorang jerit, ko pegi je lah buat air tu, dia mntak air tuhh.
Then baru brader tu pegi buat.
Can u imagine that?
I need to live with that kind of service at Ehsan Mint Cafe for the next 6 months! Shit.

So thats all for today. And this really getting on my nerves,
I thought i already post this post hours ago, but then when i opened my blog via tab, this post didnt showed up. i dont know why.
Okay just ignore that.

Ill be back for more.
Stay tune.
*grammar mistake? my #ARGHmoment !
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Backkk in Timee


Goodmorning people.

My name is Muhammad Rizarul Azim.
Ive been blogging since 2008, andd.... ive been a way for a quite long time.
Somehow, i feel like 'rejuvenated' , and feel young again.
Feel like I am the 16 y/o boy that loves blogging. HAHAs

So, this morning,
after having a nightmare,i decided to go back to ,
and back to bloggin again. Idk if i can cope with this with my busy and tight schedule, but, ill try.

So.. errr, have a new look. very fresh and energetic.
Hmm. Make me feel very young and fresh. Thou im still busuk. eh?

Im gonna need time to make myself good with this current layout of blogger...
and i need to refresh my memory about customizing blog..
so yeah,..
im feeling quite laggy with my current blog setting. Any of you feeling the same?
awww thats bad. Sorry for the inconvenience.

So, ill be back soon. With new updates.
And ive been thinking, What kind of blog my blog gonna be...Hmm
Wanna know whats toying around with my mind?
Im going to spit it out on my next post!

Stay tune! :D


*grammar mistake? my #ARGHmoment
hehehehe. see ya ! :D

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new postt.
just to get a link for the picture .


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Comeback ?


Good Evening gentleman

Its been a long long time ago since I post something interesting in my blog.
Because lately, I really dont have anything interesting to be share with.

So, I think, my life as a blogger ends here.


but, my blog is still here, because thats the way to keep my name came up in Google Search resultt :p


Have a goodnight ! :)

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Email Etiquette: Top ten mistakes in professional email communications

More than often, I come across people who are just clueless at writing professional emails. Common excuses we heard is that email is not as important and as professional as traditionally written letters or fax. Well boy, email is the most favored method of communication in this age be it for big and small companies – if you feel like positioning yourself into one of them, let’s start learning how to communicate with emails professionally.
Find out the top ten mistakes in professional email communication and how to curb them, starting from…
10. Wrong choice of font
It is very annoying for your readers to read big ass fonts, and sometimes colored letters for whatever reasons at all.
Try to use a simple and standard font, it works better. If you’re trying to highlight the importance of some keywords, don’t go further than a simple bold or italic.
9. Subject is not clear, too short or too vague
People with several dozens of emails to go through everyday will often pick on subjects that make sense to them. “Hello”, “I need help”, “Hi” are some bad examples. Instead, try and use email subject that is more clear and descriptive for example: “Application for position as Technical Officer”, “Invitation to become exhibitor at UniKL MIIT’s event”
8. Appear rude
Don’t write your emails like an army commander. Treat your reader respectfully by using simple magic words such as “please”, “would you be so kind”, “may I”.
Also please avoid from using UPPERCASE for every single goddamn sentence in your email. Using uppercase is considered shouting in internet lingo.
7. No signatures
Emails are just about as formal any written letters. You don’t finish your letter without a signature, right? But in our case, use digital signatures. For example:

Kind Regards,
Your Name
[web address/phone number]
Some other variations include:
  • Best regards/wishes
  • Confidently yours
  • Kind regards/wishes
  • Many thanks
  • Respectfully yours
  • Warm regards
  • With anticipation
  • Yours respectfully/sincerely/truly
If you are too lazy to write these, then consider using plugins such as Signature Tweaks.
Also check out 5 ways to spice up your Gmail signature, by Mashable.
6. Advertising in email
Thou shalt avoid it like the freakin’ plague! Prioritise between the content you want people to read, and a business you want to advertise. Those two only find its ideal in email marketing, but still, everyone hates it.

He has something to say about your SMS lingo

5. Using acronyms or SMS lingo
Nothing is more damaging to your language skills than using acronyms and SMS lingo. Learn to write properly, either in Bahasa or English. The amount of time you saved from writing in SMS lingo does not compare the damage it does to your credibility as a mature, professional person.
4. Beating around the bush
Get to the point as soon as the first sentence you wrote after “Dear Sir,”. A simple tip is to write your “intention” first, and elaborate on the “reasons” later. Some examples:
I would like to bring to your attention regarding … This is due to ….
Please be informed that …. You will be asked to …
Please find the attachment …. My name is …
3. Message is too short
You don’t write a letter with only one sentence, do you? Then why should you do it in your email? Nothing irks people more than someone who replies to a long email with a simple “ok, tq”. It is just rude, extremely lazy and worst it makes you appear seemingly uninterested to have further conversation with the person you’re emailing with.
Remember, professional emails are not chat messages, text messages and such. They are just like conventional letters only it is more convenient and faster to use.
2. Poor grammar
There is ongoing debates whether good grammar correlates with one’s IQ or intelligence in general. But regardless of that, it is almost undeniably true that really poor grammar makes you sound like an idiot. This applies for both Bahasa and English.
Want to brush up on your English? Go post something in the forum, and start practicing.

1. Unprofessional Email Address
haxxorrz91? love_bieber? abgpanjang7inci? LOL
These email addresses not only make you look unprofessional, but also very stupid. It is time for you to let go of your childhood emails. Try to use your REAL NAME instead of nicknames.

*Shared from UniKL Online Community

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